Here's what others have said about my work and abilities. You can tell I'm the real deal because of my Photoshopped wax seal. Clearly I mean serious business.

"...I made about 95% of his suggested changes...Well, after I made all those changes and then some, I started looking for a publicist to help with the upcoming book release. I sent some of them the edited version of the manuscript as well as directed them to the initial drafts that was posted on my blog. They all responded in a positive way, "it looks much better and flows like a story than a blog" and "its a good story and sounds really cute."
So in a nutshell, if you want to be serious about writing then you should be just as serious about editing. And Jesse Rebock is serious about editing your work so it stands out from the rest of the crowd."

“Jesse copy edited some material for my business and I was very pleased. I knew the material contained no overt misspellings, but wanted feedback on clarity and understanding. His queries and points were pointed and accurate, and the simple word switches he implemented or suggested made my writing clearer, tighter, and more expressive. I'm enthusiastic about his abilities and his professionalism. Any writer would benefit from his skills!”
~Susan Uttendorfsky, 2013

"Jesse's edits cut to the heart of the matter, offering startling clarity in a wonderful mix of humor and firmness to adherence of proper presentation and grammatical correctness. His comments regarding my POV confusion and lack of narrative thrust have set me on the right track. Thanks Jesse!"
~Pam Campbell, 2013

"I am an ivy-league educated writer and I am very impressed by Jesse’s skill and natural gift for the craft as well as his approachability and efficiency  in editing my fiction piece, “The Factory”.  He made helpful suggestions for spots in my story that I could develop as well as corrected language and grammar issues to improve flow and clarity. He also took the time to deeply understand my work, so he was able to identify logical inconsistencies.  His skill as an editor was demonstrated both in his attention to detail as well as his understanding of the big picture.  I especially recommend him to sci-fi writers, because it is clear he has an interest in that genre!"
~Anna, 2013

"I found Jesse Rebock's edits of my manuscript for my first novel, The Time Stone, to be very, very helpful. The first glance of my work resulted in many forms of artistic feedback and sincerely-made corrections. I would highly recommend Jesse's services for any literary project. Throughout the experience, Jesse was polite, professional, and well-mannered."
~Jeffrey, 2013

"Jesse reached out to me after I was soliciting for help on a manuscript...He started with the good points, moved to the improvement points, then expanded on how to fix the bad and make the good better.  Apart from his grammatical suggestions, his insightful comments...were outstanding."
~John, 2013

"Jesse edited my first fiction book. I asked him for level 3 edit and I am now very happy that I did. I am not a native English speaker, so I knew that I needed an editor to help me in this respect. Yet he also showed me many other ways in which I could improve my manuscript: he told me where dialogue did not sound natural, he noted several inconsistencies, and even did quick research to verify some facts that I mentioned. His edit was on time. The communication has been very friendly and smooth. Jesse never forgets to mention that I can contact him if anything is unclear to me or if  I have any questions. I will definitely use him to edit the final draft and my other books as well."
~Katerina Sestakova Novotna, 2014

"An inexperienced writer without an editor like Jesse will fail to produce solid
work, period. He goes that extra mile. You’ll believe so when you find
yourself thinking “he didn’t have to do that.” He puts in work, plain and
simple. Those who’ve worked with him know what I mean. Having been
scammed by an editor con artist, I feared giving Jesse a chance. He
produced. I’ve now found an editor! So let go and let him make your book
worth reading."
~J.J., 2014

More as they come!