Editing Rates

    • Calculating this sort of thing is done by wordcount, as summed by Microsoft Word 2013. The industry standard approximation is that 250 words equates to 1 page; so a 10,000 word manuscript would come to roughly 40 pages.
Prices updated as of  Lunar New Year 2016

I offer a critique service. I no longer provide Basic Proofreading or Line-Editing because I read every single word regardless of service and it takes me the same amount of time. If you're looking for something more 'light,' feel free to contact me with questions.

Critique - $0.015/word
i.e, a 10k story would come to $150

This is for folks who want an in-depth assessment of their story as well as the proofreading and line-editing. Hardcore and uncensored editing action. With this option, you'll get full a critique in addition to a FREE POST-REVISION PROOFREAD. That means...
      • highlighting of grammar mistakes
      • correction of misspellings
      • notes about story structure, plot, consistency of dialogue/narrative
      • alternatives and suggestions for sentences in need of restructuring, in the form of comments
      • opinions and feedback about things like the story arc, character names, how believable/convincing the subject matter is in relation to the story being told, and anything else that comes up
      • resources (such as links to articles online) and suggestions on how to improve the quality of the manuscript

I aim to provide excellence, and if I fail to do this, then I don't deserve your money. Simple as that. After we work with one of your manuscripts, you are welcome to re-submit for a review of changes you may have made to the piece. I'll also be happy to speak with you about any questions you might have about said changes.

If you wish to receive a clean-pressed and ready-to-ship manuscript, bereft of comments and notes via Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature, then I'll gladly oblige - just be sure and tell me. My default is with comments using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature, because I prefer a client be informed as to why I made the changes I did and to be able to consider multiple options for how best to solve a problem.