Sample Edits / Submissions

Please send your Submissions and Sample-Edits to my e-mail address:

You're welcome to contact me through there as well if you have any questions, but do me a favor and skim what I have on these pages in case your question has already been answered.

I accept most any genre in the realm of fiction, but have done articles and business papers. No cookbooks, spiritual/inspirational guides or self-help manuals, if you please.

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Crime, General Fiction, Humor. You will find that I do not shy away from violent or erotic works.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

Sample Edits
I like to do a First-Ten-Page -- or equivalent excerpt -- sample edit, for the simple purpose of getting to know you as well as you getting to know me. I'll provide a sample of my ability while getting a feel for your style and level of editing needed.

Submission Guidelines
To keep things simple and the process streamlined, your request should contain:
  • your name 
  • title and genre
  • which editing option (Level One, Level Two or Level Three)
  • (optional) any special requests or notes about your work, such as a summary
  • (optional) additional contact information. Skype, Facebook, Blogs, whatever you like.

As for the submission itself, please do me a favor and keep the formatting simple. While cost is calculated by word count and as such format doesn't really affect the price, the below is the industry standard and adherence to it is appreciated. Otherwise, I'll be changing it to this myself when you get it back.
  • Font should be Times New Roman / Arial / Calibri or some such standard font.
  • Font size 12 or so
  • 1” margins on all sides (indented)
  • File type should be .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt

Once I have received your Sample Edit or Submission, I will reply to you promptly with an estimate on how long it will take for me to complete the project, and we will converse from there.