About Me

A Freelance Editor that also is a ...

Fantasy Writer, Health Nut, Mango Slayer. I also harbor a passion for trivia. 

I was born in Connecticut, raised in the Catskills of New York, and matured in New Jersey. Currently, I hang my hat in Saigon, Vietnam, where I teach English as a Second Language, write my blog, work on my book(s), and continue freelance editing for clients around the world. 

I can be easily reached on Skype, Twitter, Facebook or good old-fashioned e-mail. Welcome to the modern era, baby! Among other things, living and working in a place with an 11-hour time difference from New York City means that when you send me a project, I may be working on it while you're asleep. Smaller projects, therefore, can be completed quite literally overnight. 

I find all manner of geeky things interesting, have a love affair with etymology, and have a penchant for listing things in threes. You'll find that I'm eager to answer questions, am fair with my rates, and am an overall charming bastard.

Nice to meet you!